Bad things done by bad people

So I am not ashamed of it i am a terrible person and I do terrible things that make grown men cringe.

Lately though someone thought it was a good idea to sell me an Adrestia (I know what a fucking idiot.) So it all started one night when a Mackinaw came through Uedama on AP and I was “advised” to do something about it so I got my Proteus and I killed him dead.

About 5mins later while sitting in the station my terrible mind ticks over and remembers that the pod was logged with aggro. tick tick ticking away i decide to kill it i quickly probe him down while I look through my hanger for something FUN. I spot my Adrestia and immediately board her and check the fit. BLASTERS YUCK. I exclaim, so I look through my hanger and spy a alrge stack of auto cannons and though well I want a fast kill and minni ships are fast and they use auto cannons so why can’t I the rest of that is history.

Now tonight while bashing a POS that i took offence to on principle for reasons unknown to even myself I had anther terrible idea. Killing the POS which has active guns on it which are shooting my CNR and Mach i decide at 10% hull something special is needed for the POS that managed to get a second reinforcement because of good stronting. I ran to the nearest station and grabbed all the civilian blasters i could and threw them on the Adrestia and fired her up.
looks legit.

Moral of the story?
don’t ever let me have nice things cause I’m probably going to do something dumb.
I had a good analogy involving an emo kid that like to cutting himself getting off on sticking his penis in a blender to get off but it sounded way funnier in my head.

PS Iam I am disappoint your ashamed in me X((

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(dammit) A powerful precedent

Update: This turns out to be an added functionality for stations to a javascript API function in the ingame browser that already has this function. Since the addition of stations to the autopilot system, they needed to be added into that for completeness’ sake. I still hope they move in this direction in the future (that is, what I thought it was at first)…

Terrible misinformed post is below.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this yet but in CCP’s recent patch notes, they stuck in this gem:

You can now add a station as a waypoint or set it as a destination via the API.

This is a very significant event for the game. Until now, it has never been possible to modify anything inside the scope of the game through the API: it has been entirely read-only, in every aspect, since its inception.

The idea that CCP is beginning to add in some reverse interaction is very exciting. The places this could go have some fairly staggering implications: it could end somewhere as mundane as sending mail (like from a third party application), or it could go clear out to (dare I say it?) setting skill training from outside of the game.

Disclaimer: Do not expect the ability to interact with contracts or the in-game market at all though, at any point. This would be a grievous error: those are things that can make or break large amounts of money in the game, and making it easy for an outside program to automate such a process would be a grievous error. Not to mention that it would make the job of account/isk thieves that much easier: just get a properly permissioned API key, and you can sweep them clean of all their orders for basically free by changing the prices to stupidly low amounts. Nobody wants that.

There has also been talk of CCP considering allowing access to ingame chat channels from outside the client. I think this is a fantastic idea: more along the same lines.

tl;dr CCP announces setting waypoints from the API, a major first step down a road that leads to some great things in cross-talk between EVE and outside applications.

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They probably make little leather straps or something

In CCP’s most recent patch, they added a cool tab for planetary commodities that links to the relevant production schematics for that item: what you need to produce it, and what it is used in the production of.

This led me to a fascinating discovery.

Most players know about the existence of Livestock: it’s an item that’s basically cows. Almost as many people are amused by the existence of the item Genetically Enhanced Livestock: a former NPC commodity, now a planetary product, that is essentially a muscly, glowing green cow.

Giga Cow


Well, it turns out that Genetically Enhanced Livestock are basically only used, when combined with Polyaramids, in the production of Hermetic Membranes. Hermetic Membranes’ only real use is combined with Camera Drones and Nuclear Reactors, with whose powers combined they form Self-Harmonizing Power Cores.

Now here’s the kicker. Self-Harmonizing Power Cores are used in the production of all sorts of things:

  • Every control tower (POS)
  • Every POS gun
  • Every mobile laboratory; in fact, most POS modules, especially those involved in industry
  • Meta 2 capital pulse lasers and meta 2 capital hybrid turrets
  • Every anchorable sovereignty structure
  • Even parts that are used in outpost and outpost upgrade construction

So… cows are in everything. You probably weren’t aware of this; I know I wasn’t. It raises some really important questions:

How can you do this?

How can you be a Vegan in EVE?

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How Far we have come and how far there is yet to still go

If you told me  4 years  that one day I would be dropping the better part of 50b on ships and fittings I would laugh in your face. Recently I did indeed drop the better part of 50b on ships and fittings and  I didn’t even flinch.

Way back in the day (07) when I was but a noob (much like the current day Iam Widdershins) I was bad at eve and i was lacking ISK to achieve anything and everything. I remember spending 20m on an Ares felt crippling to the wallet.

But those times have come and gone my friends, with alittle help from the brosefs at the Angel cartel and the dudes in the Serpentis Corporation over the last couple years my wealth has exploded, Eventually i found my way into the loving embrace of Bryan Havoc and Project nemesis where I learnt to harness my natural abilities of online torture and griefing.

These past couple days have had a profound affect on me and I have taken the time to reflect upon where I have come from, I would like to thank; my friends from TARCS, and all the people from DKPR (both those gone and those who remain), and finally PRONS  for always telling me how terrible and bad I was and how I didn’t want to get better. without your undieing support I would still probably be in B2K being a boss 0.0 pvper

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Damage once done

EVE has always been a bit of a different game.

Thrown into a giant blender, new players are (correctly) told that if they do the right things, they can become more powerful than even Vader could possibly imagine. Then they start dying, and realize that when you lose your ship in EVE, that sucker is gone. It’s not coming back.

This can be a difficult realization for a young player. The later it comes, the more they lose, the worse the backlash.

Not every player makes it to the other side of this formative event in their careers. Even then many that do died to NPCs, never learning the crucial aspect of the game: EVE is about killing.

At its core, killing other players is what drives the game. It is the primary driving force behind the entire economy: killing other players is great fun, and it’s totally allowed in virtually all its variations.

So is theft. Theft, grifting, and deception are as much a part of the game as mining; they always have been. Other soft and friendly games might even have policies against this kind of low-class behavior, even leading to bans; at CCP, they advertise it:

Theft and lies, violence and depravity: these are things EVE is built around. Many people, like our dear friend “Anon” (, who so preciously commented on the previous post, feel that these things are morally wrong. They don’t want to believe that it’s a part of the game. They won’t. They will call those who do such things sociopaths, criminals, and names that are best not related here.*

In reality, no more of these “evil” pirates are truly bad or unbalanced people than you will find in any other section of the game. People who quietly run missions all day are just as likely to be mentally deficient maladjusts than the people who go around joining mining corporations to kill their Orcas for kicks. The real difference lies in the way they approach EVE: as a game, or as a second life they lead as an investment in a simulation.

For a well-adjusted “greifer,” crime in EVE is simply that — crime in a video game. It’s no worse than crime in Grand Theft Auto, though you may find that it has a greater impact on other people’s attitudes towards you. Committing theft and confidence scams in EVE is simply the smart man’s crime. Crime in the real world is fantastically stupid and fraught with serious risks, while crime in EVE is both completely allowable (encouraged!) and carries lesser consequences even inside the scope of the game, should something go awry. For someone intellectually capable of crime but smart enough not to do it in real life, EVE is a dream come true.

On the other hand, your typical carebear may even feel entitled to the peaceful environment they once believed they had in the game: uninterrupted exploration of PVE content, without disruption from other players and reaping rewards and progression. When they lose time and riches to other players seeking PVP, they may become enraged and feel that CCP owes them a change in mechanics to “fix” this.

Where do they want to go with these riches anyway? It’s something I’ve always wondered. Do you just reach an end-game in an expensive missioning ship and just stop playing? I intend to conduct a survey at some point. But I digress.

It has long been my aim to bring PVP to every corner of the game. People are borne into the universe of EVE with the inalienable right to be shot at by strangers out looking for kicks. It is my sincerest desire to see this carried out in CCP’s long-term plans for the game’s development. But as I have mentioned, many players don’t feel that this is an OK thing to have in their EVE.

Clearly, we are playing two completely different games in our heads.

Conversely to my desires for EVE and its future as a glorious battleground fraught with danger and challenging enemies, my greatest fear for the game is that it should become the opposite of this. Several of our currently aspiring CSM candidates wish to restrict PVP arrangements (such as wars) to a consensual-only basis, leaving anyone who doesn’t explicitly seek out PVP utterly safe in perpetuity.

That is not the EVE I have come to love, nor is it the game I have been playing for the last 4+ years. It is something entirely other. I don’t want to ever be able to be safe, and I don’t want others to be able to retreat into their shells and remain forever untouchable. In a game like EVE, this is stagnating and harmful.

CCP has recently been trending in this direction (and is rumored to be considering further large steps in this direction). I don’t know what credence to lend to what I’ve heard, but there is talk that CCP’s plans for the next major expansion include phasing out non-consensual wars (what the heck kind of real war is consensual?) and simultaneously pushing the people that used to be involved in those into faction warfare. FW is currently a very specialized warfare arena that involves being restricted from free travel in one or another half of hisec, and mostly squabbling over fighting turf with local pirates as you fight in either large groups or lone frigates in lowsec. Forcibly pitting half of the game’s PVPers against the other half in a red team/blue team fashion is not largely conducive to content that I find interesting. It should be a free-for-all!

This coming on the tail of CCP’s changes that made hisec incursion-runners very close to untouchable while earning the highest income rates in the game. I can see why they are doing it: CCP is strapped for cash. After the fiasco with Incarna and lost subscriptions, CCP dare not anger the player-base until they have a solid line of income from other properties, namely DUST514 and World of Darkness, neither of which is finished yet.

Hopefully, once they’re secure in their future, they can get back to making EVE the harsh, evil, glorious world it was always meant to be. Hopefully, the damage done by these changes is not irreversible. Hopefully their playerbase will not be so entrenched in their entitlement to safe and peaceful gameplay that they betray the very future of the game through their cries of majority. Hopefully EVE remains special. Because I can speak for hundreds when I say: That’s why I play it.

*Bonus reading: the (angry, ranting) blog post that originally crystallized my stance on PVP and killing strangers in the game — How do I hate thee? by Helicity Boson, instigator of Hulkageddon. While not a sublime gem of diplomacy and tact, the man speaks more than an ounce of truth when he speaks of carebears and their falsely-entitled attitude.

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Back to the basics

Despite all the bad blood and namecalling that accompanied our leaving that shitty alliance (full of a bunch of arsekissers who frankly couldn’t tell a Machariel from an ECM drone), I’m really enjoying our new environment. [the alliance in question is Moar Tears. -ed] After just a couple hours of independent wars we’ve gotten some fairly good content; it takes a little bit to find where your targets live, but once you have it’s a kind of adversarial face-off that has really been missing from the game for the last half a year (or longer).

But there are better fights to be have; it’s more personal, they feel they are able to defend themselves, and they are far more likely to bring a real fight. If you just go out and rastle someone, you’re bound to get some great fights; you may even find yourself having the best time you’ve ever had in the game.

In other news Comcast is horribad.

c:\>ping /t

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.


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And on this day not a fuck was given

Today is a day to rejoice, Project Nemesis was kicked from MOAR TEARS. Let me be the first to say THANK YOU AND FINALLY, we should all give a standing applause to the heroes of this operation. During the months we have been in MOAR TEARS we have infiltrated them at every level, gained their trust, their assets. It is my proud privilege to announce that at long last Master architect of the plan, the old school stoner, the original. Ten Tron scammed MOAR TEARS taking over 100 logistics in total as well as the master war fund during a heroic and daring raid on the MOAR TEARS HQ in Niarja.

Tensions between PRONS and the rest of MOAR TEARS recently as our game style have begun to drift further and further apart. Long time PRONS members such as IZZY EPIC long time Spy imbedded with Orphanage still holds true to PRONS doctrine of flying only what you can afford, his isk was sapped in the long years he worked to bring down AD0PT as per the master plan laid down by our infamous leader Bryan “motherfucking” Havoc, many people will say But wait CAAN0N isn’t Iam Widdershins the CEO of PRON”. Yes he is and you would be right. but like in Russia and Putin Iam Widdershins is nothing more than a face, used as a puppet to control the masses (Ironically the puppet master in this case is actually Puppetmaster)

From here on out it is my hope that PRONS will be swinging very much solo from now on with no one to get in our way of plans to take over the vast majority of empire space in the name of the “motherfucking” empire.

P.S. during the raid a PRONS transport carrying an absurdly large shipment of assorted Dildos was holed and has been leaking assorted dildos into space if they could please be returned to the middle station in Uedama we would all be grateful  (surprise rewards will be given)

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