And on this day not a fuck was given

Today is a day to rejoice, Project Nemesis was kicked from MOAR TEARS. Let me be the first to say THANK YOU AND FINALLY, we should all give a standing applause to the heroes of this operation. During the months we have been in MOAR TEARS we have infiltrated them at every level, gained their trust, their assets. It is my proud privilege to announce that at long last Master architect of the plan, the old school stoner, the original. Ten Tron scammed MOAR TEARS taking over 100 logistics in total as well as the master war fund during a heroic and daring raid on the MOAR TEARS HQ in Niarja.

Tensions between PRONS and the rest of MOAR TEARS recently as our game style have begun to drift further and further apart. Long time PRONS members such as IZZY EPIC long time Spy imbedded with Orphanage still holds true to PRONS doctrine of flying only what you can afford, his isk was sapped in the long years he worked to bring down AD0PT as per the master plan laid down by our infamous leader Bryan “motherfucking” Havoc, many people will say But wait CAAN0N isn’t Iam Widdershins the CEO of PRON”. Yes he is and you would be right. but like in Russia and Putin Iam Widdershins is nothing more than a face, used as a puppet to control the masses (Ironically the puppet master in this case is actually Puppetmaster)

From here on out it is my hope that PRONS will be swinging very much solo from now on with no one to get in our way of plans to take over the vast majority of empire space in the name of the “motherfucking” empire.

P.S. during the raid a PRONS transport carrying an absurdly large shipment of assorted Dildos was holed and has been leaking assorted dildos into space if they could please be returned to the middle station in Uedama we would all be gratefulĀ  (surprise rewards will be given)

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