How Far we have come and how far there is yet to still go

If you told me  4 years  that one day I would be dropping the better part of 50b on ships and fittings I would laugh in your face. Recently I did indeed drop the better part of 50b on ships and fittings and  I didn’t even flinch.

Way back in the day (07) when I was but a noob (much like the current day Iam Widdershins) I was bad at eve and i was lacking ISK to achieve anything and everything. I remember spending 20m on an Ares felt crippling to the wallet.

But those times have come and gone my friends, with alittle help from the brosefs at the Angel cartel and the dudes in the Serpentis Corporation over the last couple years my wealth has exploded, Eventually i found my way into the loving embrace of Bryan Havoc and Project nemesis where I learnt to harness my natural abilities of online torture and griefing.

These past couple days have had a profound affect on me and I have taken the time to reflect upon where I have come from, I would like to thank; my friends from TARCS, and all the people from DKPR (both those gone and those who remain), and finally PRONS  for always telling me how terrible and bad I was and how I didn’t want to get better. without your undieing support I would still probably be in B2K being a boss 0.0 pvper

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