They probably make little leather straps or something

In CCP’s most recent patch, they added a cool tab for planetary commodities that links to the relevant production schematics for that item: what you need to produce it, and what it is used in the production of.

This led me to a fascinating discovery.

Most players know about the existence of Livestock: it’s an item that’s basically cows. Almost as many people are amused by the existence of the item Genetically Enhanced Livestock: a former NPC commodity, now a planetary product, that is essentially a muscly, glowing green cow.

Giga Cow


Well, it turns out that Genetically Enhanced Livestock are basically only used, when combined with Polyaramids, in the production of Hermetic Membranes. Hermetic Membranes’ only real use is combined with Camera Drones and Nuclear Reactors, with whose powers combined they form Self-Harmonizing Power Cores.

Now here’s the kicker. Self-Harmonizing Power Cores are used in the production of all sorts of things:

  • Every control tower (POS)
  • Every POS gun
  • Every mobile laboratory; in fact, most POS modules, especially those involved in industry
  • Meta 2 capital pulse lasers and meta 2 capital hybrid turrets
  • Every anchorable sovereignty structure
  • Even parts that are used in outpost and outpost upgrade construction

So… cows are in everything. You probably weren’t aware of this; I know I wasn’t. It raises some really important questions:

How can you do this?

How can you be a Vegan in EVE?

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