(dammit) A powerful precedent

Update: This turns out to be an added functionality for stations to a javascript API function in the ingame browser that already has this function. Since the addition of stations to the autopilot system, they needed to be added into that for completeness’ sake. I still hope they move in this direction in the future (that is, what I thought it was at first)…

Terrible misinformed post is below.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this yet but in CCP’s recent patch notes, they stuck in this gem:

You can now add a station as a waypoint or set it as a destination via the API.

This is a very significant event for the game. Until now, it has never been possible to modify anything inside the scope of the game through the API: it has been entirely read-only, in every aspect, since its inception.

The idea that CCP is beginning to add in some reverse interaction is very exciting. The places this could go have some fairly staggering implications: it could end somewhere as mundane as sending mail (like from a third party application), or it could go clear out to (dare I say it?) setting skill training from outside of the game.

Disclaimer: Do not expect the ability to interact with contracts or the in-game market at all though, at any point. This would be a grievous error: those are things that can make or break large amounts of money in the game, and making it easy for an outside program to automate such a process would be a grievous error. Not to mention that it would make the job of account/isk thieves that much easier: just get a properly permissioned API key, and you can sweep them clean of all their orders for basically free by changing the prices to stupidly low amounts. Nobody wants that.

There has also been talk of CCP considering allowing access to ingame chat channels from outside the client. I think this is a fantastic idea: more along the same lines.

tl;dr CCP announces setting waypoints from the API, a major first step down a road that leads to some great things in cross-talk between EVE and outside applications.

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One Response to (dammit) A powerful precedent

  1. Serpentine Logic says:

    Uh, you have been able to set destinations to systems for a while. The IGB API just hadn’t been updated to include stations when they were made legit destinations in the client.


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