Bad things done by bad people

So I am not ashamed of it i am a terrible person and I do terrible things that make grown men cringe.

Lately though someone thought it was a good idea to sell me an Adrestia (I know what a fucking idiot.) So it all started one night when a Mackinaw came through Uedama on AP and I was “advised” to do something about it so I got my Proteus and I killed him dead.

About 5mins later while sitting in the station my terrible mind ticks over and remembers that the pod was logged with aggro. tick tick ticking away i decide to kill it i quickly probe him down while I look through my hanger for something FUN. I spot my Adrestia and immediately board her and check the fit. BLASTERS YUCK. I exclaim, so I look through my hanger and spy a alrge stack of auto cannons and though well I want a fast kill and minni ships are fast and they use auto cannons so why can’t I the rest of that is history.

Now tonight while bashing a POS that i took offence to on principle for reasons unknown to even myself I had anther terrible idea. Killing the POS which has active guns on it which are shooting my CNR and Mach i decide at 10% hull something special is needed for the POS that managed to get a second reinforcement because of good stronting. I ran to the nearest station and grabbed all the civilian blasters i could and threw them on the Adrestia and fired her up.
looks legit.

Moral of the story?
don’t ever let me have nice things cause I’m probably going to do something dumb.
I had a good analogy involving an emo kid that like to cutting himself getting off on sticking his penis in a blender to get off but it sounded way funnier in my head.

PS Iam I am disappoint your ashamed in me X((

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