Iam Widdershins is an awful person who has spent years honing his skills in spaceship-piloting with no noticeable improvement. Through some terrible accident he is the CEO of Project Nemesis, the sorriest group of incompetent jerkoff misfits you ever saw.

CAAN0N is some third-world mission-runner who is just bad at everything he does. The only thing he is for sure any good at is running his spaceship head on into someone else’s, which frankly isn’t even a skill. He couldn’t even decide if he thinks the old Gallente Shuttle was yellow or orange.

In an experiment to determine the performance-enhancing qualities of horse semen, Widders was the control. Results were inconclusive.

We are terrible people in a game about internet space ships. We do bad things and enjoy it, then malevolently post about it here.



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