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Bad things done by bad people

So I am not ashamed of it i am a terrible person and I do terrible things that make grown men cringe. Lately though someone thought it was a good idea to sell me an Adrestia (I know what a … Continue reading

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How Far we have come and how far there is yet to still go

If you told me  4 years  that one day I would be dropping the better part of 50b on ships and fittings I would laugh in your face. Recently I did indeed drop the better part of 50b on ships … Continue reading

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And on this day not a fuck was given

Today is a day to rejoice, Project Nemesis was kicked from MOAR TEARS. Let me be the first to say THANK YOU AND FINALLY, we should all give a standing applause to the heroes of this operation. During the months … Continue reading

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Some people I just don’t understand you know?

NO ONE WAS HARMED DURING THE WRITING OF THIS POST (Unfortunately) For one of our latest adventures I managed to infiltrate a Corp by name of [CLASSIFIED] my expert ninja assassin skills enabled me to gain entry with no questions … Continue reading

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Enter CAAN0N

HELLO! My name is CAAN0N some of you may know me. It is my fond hope and dream that we become great friends. Now to business let me restore my honour and dignity while trashing my associates once and for … Continue reading

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