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(dammit) A powerful precedent

Update: This turns out to be an added functionality for stations to a javascript API function in the ingame browser that already has this function. Since the addition of stations to the autopilot system, they needed to be added into … Continue reading

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They probably make little leather straps or something

In CCP’s most recent patch, they added a cool tab for planetary commodities that links to the relevant production schematics for that item: what you need to produce it, and what it is used in the production of. This led … Continue reading

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Damage once done

EVE has always been a bit of a different game. Thrown into a giant blender, new players are (correctly) told that if they do the right things, they can become more powerful than even Vader could possibly imagine. Then they … Continue reading

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Back to the basics

Despite all the bad blood and namecalling that accompanied our leaving that shitty alliance (full of a bunch of arsekissers who frankly couldn’t tell a Machariel from an ECM drone), I’m really enjoying our new environment. [the alliance in question … Continue reading

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Remember what it was like

Spending a few hours helping out a whole group of brand new players, trying to explain to them why you don’t mix beam lasers, railguns, pulse lasers, and rockets on your Catalyst… trying to explain why it’s actually NOT effective … Continue reading

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Bloody legend

I’m sitting in voice channel with a welsh dude, an aussie, and a kiwi… I swear everyone around me is bad, but they’re nowhere as near as bad as the other people who play this game.

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Enter Widders

Hi. My name is Iam Widdershins (Iam Jeffrey Widdershins to my spaceparents when I misbehave) and I suppose it’s┬áconceivable┬áthat we’d become friends, I don’t much like people in general. My head hurts, I’m way too tired, and my neck is … Continue reading

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